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    Fresh locally grown produce.
    Specializing in tomatoes
    and leafy green vegetables

About The Farm

Specializing In Tomatoes And Leafy Green Vegetables
Most things in Louisiana have a history, and our farm is no exception.

Controlled Environmental Agriculture

Graywalk Farms isn't your traditional farm. All of our produce is grown hydroponically in environmentally controlled greenhouses.

We are able to produce tomatoes, lettuce and herbs throughout the year because we can control the temperature and humidity in the growing environment with heaters in the cold weather and chillers during those hot Louisiana days. Our fan system keeps the hot or cool air circulated.

Environmentally controlled agriculture allows us to control the soil, water, nutrients and reduces the potential for pests, which yields superior crops that looks good and taste even better.

Farm Products

Being Louisiana Fresh

Graywalk Farms offers superior produce choices because of how the products are grown, and the growing methods used. If you are looking for juicier produce and tastier herbs, that use the most sustainable methods to keep the produce healthy and thriving, then you want items grown the way that Graywalk Farms does. Hydroponic growing is not new to the gardening world, but it is becoming the preferred method of growing for many farmers throughout the world. It makes the foods each farm produces easier to cultivate and grow, and it gives the ability to produce food year-round.

Graywalk Farms is also able to produce larger yields through their hydroponic gardening methods, which rely heavily on using natural options whenever possible. Ladybugs are used to ward off insects, and pesticides are rarely used, and always as a last resort. This means that what you are putting into your body is safer, and going to have less potential health consequences. So you end up with superior products, safer consumers, and sustainable methodology when you buy from Graywalk Farms. What do you have to lose? https://go.waitrapp.com/Aorq/ELF7whkFHy?%24deeplink_path=restaurants&restaurant_id=8628

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